12 Terabytes

12 Terabytes

For a new NAS I’m building (my old 4x2TB one is full). After putting them into RAID 5 for redundancy incase of drive failure and after the conversion to real terabytes (claimed hard drive sizes are always larger than real values), it’ll end up being somewhere around 8 terabytes of actual usable space.

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  1. What kind of NAS are you building? I’ve thought about building one, but can’t seem to justify the cost when compared to using USB drives backed up through a service like Mozy or CrashPlan.

    • I dropped those 4 drives into a Synology DS411: http://www.synology.com/products/product.php?product_name=DS411 (which is amazing!)

      They’re running in RAID 5 and giving me 8.07 TB of space (1 drive worth of space is “lost” to redundancy).

      I use CrashPlan to back up the super important stuff that can’t be replaced on my desktop to my NAS (for local backup) and also to my dedicated webserver where I also have CrashPlan running for off-site backup incase of fire. Zero cost, other than the server I was already paying for.

  2. Western Digital Green drives aren’t the best choice for a NAS. Although, I am sure they’ll work okay, the warranty is limited.

    Although, a NAS in your new configuration would be nice to have. I am always saving stuff; stuff I never would have held onto years ago. I always go with the “you never know if you’ll need it” philosophy; which could be a good or bad thing.

    I would have went with the Western Digital Black series (although they cost a little more), the warranty on those drives is 5 years. I went with the Black series when I built my desktop box back in 2010. It’s nice to know I still am covered in case of a hard drive failure. I configured my desktop machine in a RAID 10 configuration; makes for a screaming box, let me tell you. It’s one mean catdaddy.

  3. Oh wow! That’s a lot of storage. If you don’t mind, what are you storing with your hard drives and you need that kind of huge space? 1080p HD movies? My desktop only has 1 2TB Hard drive and I can’t even use half of it. Haha!

    PS: Had fun browsing your thingamajigs. I’m a user of your Viper Quick Tags plugin and I just visited this website to read about the jw-flv-player update. Hehe. 🙂

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