The Bad Luck Continues: A Rock Cracked My Viper’s Windshield

First a cone, now a rock. My Viper can’t catch a break.

Driving home from a business trip in Vancouver, Canada, a semi-truck threw a rock and it hit the bottom of my windshield, below the windshield wiper blade. Not a big deal but unfortunately it turned into a crack before I even got home. 🙁

Viper Windshield Crack

I’ve put in a claim with my insurance company and hopefully they can either fix it or replace it. If it can be fixed rather than replaced, supposedly they’ll do it for free with no insurance impact. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: They had to replace the windshield. My non-collision deductible was $500 (oops) and the new windshield cost $550 so it was all out of pocket. Ow. Super clear now though!

2 thoughts on “The Bad Luck Continues: A Rock Cracked My Viper’s Windshield

  1. Recommend you replace, first it seems since its spread they cant even fix it and its very slow in the class, but if they try it will be very visible and likely show up again (I am having the same issue on a much smaller crack). It should be $100 or so unless you signed up for super cheap insurance.

    • A repair is 100% free, a replacement uses my deductible which is $500, something I’m regretting. They’ll be out tomorrow to see if they can fix it. Even if they can and it fails again down the road, it’s no money out of my pocket so it can’t hurt.

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